4Minus1 is a Northern-California-based instrumental trio, whose sound floats somewhere near the intersection of jazz, prog, and improvisational chamber music.

"...if Bill Evans and Robert Fripp had collaborated on the Discipline-era King Crimson."

Consisting of keyboardist Darin Wilson, 7-string bassist Edo Castro-Woodhouse, and drummer Michael Freitas, the trio plays original compositions that sometimes hint at the ECM style, and covers from a wide range of artists and genres: 70s-era AM radio hits, classic rock tunes, contemporary chart-toppers, all filtered through the trio's unique blend of tight arrangements, spacious textures, and open improvisation.

"...They're kind of like an electric version of the Bad Plus. Kind of."

The group has performed in many venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including the Blue Note in Napa, the Golden Bull in Oakland, and a multi-month residency at The Big Easy in Petaluma.

Their debut album Echo can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and all of the other major streaming services.

Image of Darin Wilson
team memeber 1
team memeber 1


Listen to Echo, our debut album.
Listen to excerpts from live shows.

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Band photos by Autumn Fuentes